Raspado Xpress




We're taking our delicious raspados on the road! No matter what kind of event is going on, RaspadoXpress can be there! Anything imaginable? Yes we can be there! Our great raspados can go with you, catering Chamangos, Fresas con crema, Tostilocos, Smoothies, and even hot items like our delicious crepes and are our mexican style corn. We deliver, or drop in and pick it up. Thats too easy right? As you know, always fresh!

RaspadoXpress makes it easy, simply a 123 step.

  1. 1. Contact us at the event line (818) 890-4111, Direct: (818) 256-9404 or email: limon.omar@gmail.com 

  2. 2. Tell us the number of attendees,date and location of your fantastic event

  3. 3. Be happy